Wooden Top Diffuser | Cashmere Lilac

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Our elegant diffusers are unique in every way. The contemporary look of the wooden top will complement any home while innovatively distributing the fragrance evenly into the room. The wooden top diffuser continues to release its fragrance up to 4 - 6 weeks after the liquid has been evaporated. The smell of Lilac combined with cashmere is like kicking back, getting cosy, and embracing the warmth you feel wrapped up in your favourite blanket. This fresh scent conjures a sophisticated scent with a blend of lilac to make up the fresh exotic notes in this amazing fragrance. Indulge the spring that has sprung on the hills. Opening with a fresh blast of bergamot and clove, the scent spreads out like wildflowers. Then the vibrant hyacinth twists with a soft blend of lilac and lavender that gives off a pure gentle feeling. The paired orange flower and honey bring a velvety touch, so soft and warm, leaving you immersed in this amazing spring. Available in 160ml.